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Superb delivery with expert knowledge and incredibly simple and effective drills
Excellent variety of off court theory combined with drills I can take away for my own coaching
Loved the off court science and then the practical application on court!!

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I'll now be able to Highlight periods of momentum in training and games.
I now understand when the opposition may be vulnerable and how to capitalise.
I plan to use the scenarios to challenge players by creating feeling of momentum for and against.

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Alistair and Ana’s work on MatchFlow and Momentum is insightful, unique and brilliant. Their courses will help coaches and players learn the fundamentals of the psychological and tactical demands of match flow, momentum and turning points during the game, successful approaches used at International level, and how to build a "winning" coaching approach into your programme. These are vital subjects in modern coaching, and I would highly recommend their work to any coach. 
Mark Tennant
Founder, Inspire2coach

About our online courses:

The authors have done a remarkable thing... They have made the invisible, visible 
Steve McLoughlin,
HeaD Coach,
Leeds Beckett UNIVERSITY
The player engagement was excellent. It’s really easy to use  It kept our group really engaged.
Phil Newbury 
International Coach 
100% Unique and just excellent!
Sebastian Dietrich
Professional Tennis Coach 
A remarkable, groundbreaking, extraordinarily valuable resource. Presented with positive energy sincerity, credibility and enormous attractiveness with its variety of examples, sensory stimulation, and bite size chunking.
Journeying through it, from beginning to end, is consistently engaging, not a single road bump in the progression from being introduced to the concept through to the invitation to continue learning more through personalisation. 
Keith Reynolds 
International Coach, Speaker and Author
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