Deliver match flow and momentum in your programme and make a profit!

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The Match Pack

Our aim is to help coaches who want to coach matchplay skills, preparing players for what they will experience in a match.
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Match Pack 

More details about our Match Pack and Match Pack Plus Programmes are in the video. If you have seen it already, please keep scrolling down.

The Match Pack 

A new and unique coach resource for coaches to deliver Match Flow and Momentum in their programme. The ‘Match Pack’ programme provides you/your coaching team with everything you need to deliver 13.5 hours of content on-court/3 hours off-court. 16.5 hours in total.

The cost can be easily recovered and a profit made as you never have to cancel a session and can be used from year to year.

The session content helps players develop the matchplay skills needed to meet these demands. Covering Match Flow, Momentum, Turning Points, as well as the devious tennis scoring system, there is a focus on the mental skills and tactical adaptations that help players control how a match develops.

The sessions help players to make the most of whatever situation they find themselves in, with the aim of finding different ways to win.

The Match Pack contains 11 sessions: 9 on-court sessions with detailed session plans, as well as online content for delivering 2 off-court sessions, which can be delivered by sharing the screen on zoom or in the clubhouse by projecting onto a wall from a computer.

The Match Pack Plus provides all this and more (see below for details).

Cost £95.00   £75.00

Frequently asked questions

How does my programme benefit from the Match Pack?

We help you to make matchplay a central part of your coaching programme. The aim is to help coaches who want to coach matchplay skills, preparing players for what they will experience in a match and learning from match to match.

There can also a financial benefit that can be achieved by pricing the courses into the cost. Additionally, the 11 week curriculum can be delivered across a term or longer and the detailed notes ensure coaches are on the same page. 

What will my players gain?

We'll take you to the heart of match issues, helping  you to help your players solve the real problems they face in matches, how to close out leads, how to turn matches around and what to do when things are in the balance. The content is packed with individual insights and methods to help you help players develop develop their game.

The players will also get a modern approach to learning called blended learning. This means a blend of off court and on. This is greatly enhanced with one of our 'Match Pack Plus' packages.

Who are the on court sessions for?

Anyone who plays competitive tennis and has enough match experience to benefit. Usually this is 12+. We aim to help coaches focus their coaching on matchplay skills to improve match results. The sessions are very practical and contain clear guidance in the form of simple online session plans you can easily refer to. The content picks up on some of the main themes in the wider online course. 

Underpinned by the latest academic research and practical coaching experience, they offer insights from experts who coach at the top of international tennis

How has the 'Match Pack Plus' been designed?

The Match Pack Plus packages are not only unique in their content, they have been designed in line with the latest education principles, offering a blended learning approach.

Blended learning means mixing online courses with face-to-face coaching and is now accepted as the modern way to teach and has several advantages:

  • Players can learn at their own pace
  • Material is available 24/7
  • Players can be asked to prepare before sessions 
  • There is a chance to revisit content
  • It aids independent learning
  • It introduces new technologies
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