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Match Flow and Momentum in Sport: Taster Course

The free taster course introduces you to the style and content of our courses on Match Flow and Momentum. It is designed to show the professional and interactive style we use to present our game insights and guiding principles. FREE
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Understanding How to Control Match Flow and Momentum in Sport

Covering turning points, the impact of the score and the link between momentum and performance, we get to the heart of understanding how to control momentum. Through examples and academic research, we offer game insights, and guiding principles. 
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Controlling Match Flow
and Momentum in Sport

In this interactive, practical course, we outline the 3 fundamentals for controlling Match Flow and Momentum. We offer different options to identify your own individual approach and a process for reviewing your progress.
I find the courses remarkable and groundbreaking, extraordinarily valuable resources which are constantly engaging.
Keith Reynolds
The authors have done a remarkable thing. they have made the invisible.....visible.
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Our courses are designed in bite-sized sections with visual,
 interactive learning to help you learn on-the-go.
Featured below are clips from our 'Match Flow and Momentum in Sport' courses. Sound on! Further details below.

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Alistair Higham is an international expert on matchplay and momentum in sport. His work on momentum includes advising professional tennis players, footballs teams, coaches, players and athletes. Author of two best selling books and he presents on momentum at conferences across the world.
Ana Soares is a sport psychologist specialising in tennis and football. She spent six years as the full time resident Sports Psychologist for top Spanish tennis academy Barcelona Total Tennis (BTT). Her work in football is a sport psychologist at Southampton FC Academy.
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